Peanut Butter Express

Peanut Butter Drive

A Peanut Butter Drive was started by the late Dr. Walter Terrell Jones (d. August 19, 2014). Dr. Jones had a very special gift for telling stories.  He was also the Vice Provost for Educational Equity at Penn State.  Each fall, Dr. Jones incorporated the peanut butter drive into his famous children’s sermons. On Sundays during the drive, he approached the children waiting for him blowing his whistle and pulling a wagon containing jars of peanut butter named “The Peanut Butter Express”. After weeks of collecting peanut butter, Dr. Jones and the children would transport the peanut butter to the State College Area Food Bank (when located on Hamilton Avenue) in a wagon.

The Peanut Butter Drive continues each year.  Since 2015, Penn State students (Bunton Waller and Lenfest Scholars and students enrolled in African American Studies courses) hold a drive on the campus to augment the collection of peanut butter collected at church for the State College Area Food Bank.

Pounds of peanut butter donated in recent years.

2016       121

2015       121

2014       100